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04-15-2010, 10:17 AM
i am hoping to do a zero suit samus cosplay in the near furue. i have seen this done with fabric to pvc, but i was hoping to make this costume from latex. the only thing is i do not know much about latex, other then i heard it is very hard to work with.

i was wondering weather or not this is the latex i see people using for cosplays or not

i was also wondering what the thicknesss's mean, well more like which thickness ios best to sew with. the color i am cosidering is metallic blue transparent blue or sky blue , the only problkem is from the picture it doesnt look as shiny as i want. in the description it says something about latex conditioner which shines up the fabric? does anyone know what that is or how effective it is? i was also hoping to try and get the two different shades she has in areas on her outfit, but i do not know how hard that would be, so if you have tips i woulod much appreciate them

i would love any tips or facts about latex, how hard it is to work with, your experience with it and so on

04-15-2010, 10:45 AM
I'm not sure if that's the same latex people talk about for full costumes, but I can offer a few things I've noticed about the stuff you linked.

I recently bought the metallic purple to use instead of vinyl for a belt I am working on. If I recall correctly (and its been a couple months since I bought it/was doing research on that stuff) I think you can't sew it (or there's some other reason they talk about doing seams by just gluing one piece over the other). To me it feels like thin sheets of rubber. They sell an adhesive and have tutorials on how to use that stuff (they demo how to make a ruffly like cheerleader skirt).

I haven't bought the conditioner yet, but plan to once I get back to working on that costume. Without it, the metallic purple is incredibly dull, I would imagine it would be the same for your blue.

So far, all I've done is use it to cover hexagon shaped pieces of foam for a belt. For that, it's doing alright. Oh, and I'm using the .4mm thick one. I had ordered samples in .2 and .6, the .2mm felt flimsy to me, the .6mm felt too thick to fold over the edges of the craft foam I was going to adhere it to (honestly, even the .4mm almost seems almost too thick to be folding but since my piece didn't need sharp/clean edges, I'm not too worried).

04-15-2010, 12:14 PM
Hey Booboo, good luck working with the latex. It's grumpy, tricky stuff. Pocketfightr's right - you can't sew latex. Think of it like a balloon. You can't prick it or it'll tear just like a balloon. That's why we use glue to affix the seams on latex costumes. The mil refers to how thick the latex is. Latex gloves are usually close to 6 mil, if you need a reference. How thick you order depends greatly on how you want the latex to behave in a suit. The thinner it is, obviously, the more transparent it will be. Some suppliers will send you sample swatches of the material if you ask. MJtrends will sell you swatches for $1-$2 each. It'd be worth the price to check the color and the thickness of the latex before you buy yardage. For the shine, I've heard that Cult Conditioner is well recommended, but I've done very well with Armor All for quick spot shines, too. Hope you have fun making ZSS!

04-15-2010, 06:17 PM
pocket, for a body suit do you think .2 was a good thickness though?

red- thanks you too

both- wow latex seems like it is really hard to work with. i had no iudea you couldnt sew. does the seams stay together good once glued? i was also wondering if you could attach other fabrics to latex. like on samus's suit she has the pink thinks on her bakc and hands, but would i need to glue tose on? also, do you have any ideas for attaching a zipper and makeing the fingers on the gloves? would .2 latex be see through, i could always wear another body suit underneath i think? soory for all the questions. oh also, does anyone know how i could get those black lines onto the cosplay? ugh to many questions, but thatnk you guys so so much :)

04-15-2010, 07:28 PM
also, have you ever heard of this way of doing it?


04-16-2010, 08:54 AM
I've heard of the liquid latex method but I personally don't know anyone who has tried it.

I'd wonder if .3mm would be a little better for a full suit, but I'd have to go back and check the .2mm sample before giving my answer (unfortunately, I didn't check this thread last night when I was at home). The .2mm would just make me a bit paranoid from how flimsy I recall it seemed to be when I was trying to pick one to order. The thickness of the .2mm did remind me of a balloon, so if you think you'd trust wearing a balloon as an outfit, you might be alright. I don't recall the .2mm being see-through (the sample I had was black) but I do think if your undergarments weren't seamless and completely form fitted, you'd be able to see their outline.

If I'm not mistaken, mjtrends had a tutorial for adding a zipper on their site.
The only thing I'd be concerned about when adding a different material to it, is to make sure the material has the same amount of stretch as the latex, otherwise it will come off.

For what I used it on, once I got the glue to stick, the seams seem to be holding fine. It took a bit for me to get the edges to stay stuck, but I was folding edges over a piece of foam and the latex just didn't want to be folded over like that. (I left a book on the pieces for an hour or two and then everything seemed to hold in place.) There's really no stress on those pieces from movement though, so I really can't say how trustworthy it is.

04-22-2010, 02:39 AM

I'd suggest going with at least .40mm for a bodysuit. It'll hold the seams together better, and have a nicer look. The smaller the mm, the more likely it'll tear. I prefer the ammonia based adhesive, but it really boils down to what you like working with. Also, getting the latex sheen is a must, also some sort of silicone lubricant for getting into the suit.

You can use a standard zipper from the fabric store, but you'll need the other adhesive to attach it. The ammonia stuff just doesn't hold up well.

Also, this site is super helpful for all your latex clothes making questions - http://makinglatexclothing.com/getting-started/

I wish I had some examples to show you, I haven't done a cosplay out of latex yet, but have been making clothes for a few years now. If you need any help, I'll do my best to answer questions :D Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your Samus!! ^_^

05-06-2010, 07:42 AM
Don't use liquid latex. Just...don't. I dunno how anyone ever manages to pull it off, but I had to paint my girlfriend blue for a performance last week...it stinks of ammonia Soo bad, she got ammonia poisoning from trying to apply it in a moderately-ventilated bathroom, it sticks to itself like crazy so your armpits and inner elbows etc are impossible to cover, if you move at all while it's drying it'll stick to itself immediately...imagine trying to wrap yourself in double-sided duck tape, it's about like that. You wind up with a suit of rhino skin. Blech.

And I know you didn't ask, but for the weapon, EL Wire. Coolneon.com has a reasonably priced 4' length under TechnoStrobe that'd do the whip perfectly. Hellaphat Orange should do the trick.