View Full Version : Morrigan Aensland opinions needed

04-21-2010, 05:38 PM
Alright I'm sort of starting a Morrigan costume;really just finding the bits at the moment.
I'm just posting to give my current ideas/decisions for it to see if they are good or will result in a catastrophe.

-Instead of making my bodysuit from scratch,I'm taking a page from SpoonyHips' book and buying a leotard to alter.The one I've chosen is a Liquid Latex lycra one from Rivers' Edge Dancewear.It already has rather high leg-holes and a thong back which makes matters simpler.I'll be slicing up the top to get something close to the odd angular cups she's supposed to have-probably less so though to avoid possible malfunctions.

-I found spectacular tights-but am stuck on which colour to use.I'm getting a pair from welovecolors.com and am going back and forth between Orchid Pink and Lavendar.Leaning more toward Lavendar since the pink isn't quite right I don't think.I HAVE seen pictures where her tights are that bright though.

-Came up with a nifty idea for the head wings.I'm thinking of basing the wings around a small piece of wood that will have a screw drilled into it then removed.The screws will then be attached to a headband that I can wear under the wig.The wings will simply screw into the headband with no band or anything across the wig itself and hopefully a good deal of stability.

-Not sure on the large wings yet.Contemplating using Mrs.Hyde's technique of making the 'bones' out of hula hoops so they'll be good and light.I'm thinking a thin vinyl for the black portion.Lost as to how to rig them as of yet.

Advice,suggestions,anything is welcomed.

04-27-2010, 12:52 PM
I am working on lilith right now and I thought about the leotard thing but I didn't think it would look quite right. I wanted all of her outfit to be a leather type material. Also the main problem I would find is that her wigs are the same color as her outfit so it would be hard to find two fabrics that were the same color. With black it would be easier though.

The main thing I wanted to comment on was the head wing things. I just styled my Lilith wig last night and I did something similar. I just hot glued the wings to the headband though and the headband is under the wig. This is what it looks like (http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs053.snc3/14114_671247502658_19720534_38361875_7097421_n.jpg )

For the large wings I have been using dry cleaner hangers. The pant hangers more specifically. I take the cardboard bottom out and bend it to the shape I need and it hold pretty well. I only have one of the big wings done and it looks great. Once I get the other one done I will use some velcro to attach them to each other to keep them from falling down, otherwise they hold their shape just fine, just a little too heavy to stay up on their own (still not very heavy, I think some velcro will be able to hold them up).