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04-29-2010, 01:14 AM

I'm looking for some advice on Jake from Advance Wars: Dual Strike. I think this one's fairly easy, but I am looking for either some patterns for his shirt/pants, or I am looking for where to buy pants and shirts of that color.

Image (http://www.advancewarsnet.com/files/awds/art/Orange%20Star%20CO%20Jake%20(press%20version).jpg)

Thanks for the help!

04-29-2010, 02:01 AM
hey i'll be making a jake too ;D *high fives* anyway are you looking to "make" him or are you going to buy the outfit parts and mod it?

to buy it id suggest going into charity shops or thift stores to find a tee and pants but i think your going to have to mod the pants a bit like add on the extra pockets but thats easy to do

with making it im sure you can look in fabric stores at patterns and buy the material but youd also have to make those extra pockets

then theres the red head phones here in the uk theres some cool looking dj head phones that are red or green which look similar to the ones jake wears. or get some wire, card board and make some yourself ;D

yea long rant but im hyper on coffee right now hope that helps