View Full Version : Seras Victoria patterns/or a commissioner, perhaps?

09-11-2003, 06:22 PM
Eeeek! I think I may need some help on my Seras Victoria costume...(Especially the shirt, the skirt seems easy as Hell, lol)

Does anybody have a pattern I could use, that would be effective for her style of shirt? The collar is also flipping me out a little, too...

Or, maybe someone would be willing to do a commission? I know the price can be heavy, but I understand the reasons for that. ^__^ (I've done research, muahhaha)

In any case, I hope someone can help lil ol' mee...:D Thanks!


09-11-2003, 07:37 PM
Well, since I'm already making one, I'd be willing to take it on, if you want to go the commissioned route. I have to draft a custom pattern, but my patterns tend to be pretty minimal when I'm doing them for my own work...it's way more work to get a pattern ready for someone else!

I haven't done much costuming lately, but I have 10+ years of professional sewing and pattern drafting experience, and my SO loves the costumes I do, because they feel and wear like real clothes. I do wearable art, things like fitted leather jackets with piano keys and eyes worked into them, or full skirted long coats with quilted shoulders, huge lapels and standing collars. If I can help, let me know... :)

I'm using both the anime and manga for reference, but I'm leaning toward doing the patches from the manga, since they're a bit more detailed.

09-12-2003, 02:50 PM
Wow, that'd be great!!

Though, at the moment I have the following parts of the costume:

Anddd nobody can forget the vampire teeth ^_^;

If I could ask you so kindly to do commission for me (aka: her shirt and possibly her skirt...IF anything: DEFINITELY her shirt!...I'm having mega problems with it.)...I would be your bestest friend X_X...

Email me at ChibiChiri@aol.com to contact me further (and quicker) if you wish, if not, post here and ask me whatever information you need from me, and possibly payment information, etc.

Thanks again! :D