View Full Version : Valkyrie profile cosplay? :D

05-17-2010, 10:55 AM
I think square enixs valkyrie profile is one of the greatest video games in the world... Gotta love all the costumes, they designed for games ^^

I have cosplayed just one valkyrie profile charecter. Alicia from valkyrie profile 2... what a great challenge, if wants to make lots of details :O the next one will be a little bit harder... Lenneth valkyrie from all three valkyrie profile games :O
Maybe sometime wylfred from valkyrie profile: covenant of the plume too? :O

anyway, I don`t like these games just because great charecter design... I really like stories and idea too (not just, because Im from north europe, and Valkyrie profile base on our mytology xD)