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05-18-2010, 08:30 AM
いろんなイベントがあるけど俺にとって一番大事なのはWorld Cosplay Summitと思うんです、世界中のコスプレ大会お楽しみです、それ以外ほかのイベントもあります。 ライ ブ、カラオケ大会、去年SKE48のライブもありました。

場所: 愛知県、名古屋、オアシス21

Wow, english, huuum... test...

Well, July 31th and August 1st. Let's meet up?
There's a lot of event in these times but the World Cosplay Summit is the best important event. Let's looking forward World's tournament cosplay. But this isn't the only event. There's have a live show, karaoke tournament, last year we could saw SKE 48's live(an idol group from nagoya)
This event have one time in a year so... zettai kite kudasai:toothy:

PLACE - Aichi-Ken, Nagoya in oasis 21