View Full Version : Sound 5 / Shugo Chara cosplays !? :3

05-20-2010, 06:57 PM
Okay, well might as well aim to do this again.
I'm wanting to form a Sound Five for metrocon, and I have a Kimimaro and myself as Tayuya.
Anyone down to help us?
We also might have a possible Orochimaru.

Okay, now.
I want to form a Shugo chara group.
I have an Ikuto, but i would like to find an Ikuto who is a male?:3
(Nothing against you Amy, if you read this. Ilyx3 xD)
I will be Utau, and attending the Ball, so if anyone is doing their character via that way, I will also be doing it.
But I'm not sure if to theme my dress around Utau or Lolita Itachi <...<''
I would love positive feed back, anyone is welcome :3
We will probably doing a photoshoot for both, if anyone is down.
I hardly get on, so if you need to contact me asap, message me here;
Thanks ! :3