View Full Version : Splash Woman cosplay!

Tabby Catty
05-21-2010, 08:53 AM
Hello! I'm planning for my next cosplay and after finally getting Megaman 9 and 10, I decided to try to cosplay splash woman. However, there is a few things that I need a little help on.


Obviously, splash woman is a robot mermaid so I'm planning on making a fish-tail dress.


Okay, the pattern easy to modify, the only probelm is the poofy sleeves I feel might be a bit difficult for me. How do you make poofy sleeves?

Next thing is her hair or helmet or whatever. I have seen one other splash woman cosplay where the girl made a helmet and stuck the pendant and feathers on the helmet. However, I am not the most skilled with this kind of stuff (the only reason why I was able to make the pigmask helmet was because someone gave me a tutorial on Starmen.net) so it's puzzles me.

I could just use a wig, however, how am I supposed to clip them onto the wig? I was thinking attack the pendant and feathers to hairclips, but I don't want them to fall off. Metal and hot glue gun glue don't work together for me...

Next thing is the trident... I was planning on maybe buying a plastic pitchfork or trident when all the Halloween stuff comes out and use that as a base and just work over it like I did with my Gerudo Guard spear with an old ski pole I had.

Also, long gloves, where can I find or how can I make long, white gloves?

04-13-2011, 01:58 AM
Splash woman is a complicated costume are you sure you want to tackle on something like this? Some of the things you are asking are kind of basic things. Yes her hair is a blue helmet. As most of the robot masters are made with some form of human bodies. It would look werid to use wig as you can see on her ears there are ventilations on the sides so if you used a wig that would make no sense. You could get a baseball helmet or a mortocycle helmet and do some modding on it.

The trident you can make a already make one and modify it like you said. Paint all of it white as primer and then add the details. Cause there is gold details on the bottom and top of the staff.

The gloves you can get at a thrift store, k mart, walmart( now that Easter is around the corner perfect time to find white elbow length gloves.)Or even stores like Claires or Icing. Gloves are hard to make on your own even expert cosplayers have a hard time making them, if you wanted to tackle it on your own there are some great tutorials just looking around on cosplay.com for the tutorial section or googling it.