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06-05-2010, 12:25 AM
One of Sega's newest games and my current obsession, and thanks to my looks my newest cosplay project

My only problem is that the game is still so fresh on the market that it's hard to find anything relating to an actual pre-made costume (I'm so thankful I found one) my dilemma as i've stated in my journal is the scarborough fair and her shoe's

I'n not so worried about the guns as I am those shoe's. The design is so precise and I love it so but I cant seem to find any heels that 1. I wouldn't mind gluing my guns down too or 2. actually even slightly resemble Bayonetta's

I'm stumped! and somewhat sleep deprived from browsing online stores and google so I came here to request the help of more experienced cosplayer on this matter I appreciate any and all feedback/advice/tips thank you :D

06-05-2010, 06:38 PM
Her shoes are impossible to find! With that height, the heel, and the point/angle of the tip.. it's a tough one. I've found close, but like you said, I wouldn't glue the guns to them because they're always expensive. :[

You could always try finding a cheap pair of shoes you don't mind modding? I found mine from Goodwill.

Also, if you don't mind spending money, you could buy the Scarborough Fair guns that they sold with a special edition version of the game. Once in awhile a pair will come up that won't cost you $100+, but.. you need 4 and they're really small. :[ There are many gun tutorials in the prop section, so you can check that out.

Yaaay a Bayonetta thread. <3

06-05-2010, 10:23 PM
I found a good pair I can edit and being an artist i've decided to make my own since the heels i did get are kinda short (I can't walk in stilettos XD) The costume i'm getting is also missing the Umbran watch and the charms in her hair so I have to get stencils for them and the materials for that should be cheap at walmart
Bayonetta is win

06-06-2010, 01:47 AM
Can't offer much help with this, but I'm hand making a custom Bayonetta cosplay, and I'm making the guns with PVC. I'm sure there's a gun making tutorial somewhere.

If you're looking for your costume to be precise down to the last detail, I can definitely find art for the hair pieces as well as her cat earrings, and the Umbran Watch. Her guns also have inscriptions on them for each one:

Parsley, Ever Joyous
Sage, Ever Strong
Rosemary, Ever Reminiscent
Thyme, Ever Brave

With "Made by Mephisto" (or Rodin, whichever you prefer) above them. The guns also all say "Scarborough Fair," just as Jeanne's all say "All4One." (Or All For One, I've seen both.)

The charms on the guns are also all different, based on their respective herb.

06-06-2010, 02:51 AM
If you could get me the guides for the charms watch and earrings that would be amazing, and I have some pictures of scarborough fair my only dilemma as far as making my own is that my painting skills fail

06-06-2010, 01:39 PM
On flickr, there are bunch of concept pictures that PlatinumGames put up that shows the details of the charms, earrings, and there are even high quality details of the guns. Very handy!

My painting skills are pretty fail too, so I am nervous about the guns. lol

Right now I'm just thinking about choosing fabrics for the bodysuit. D=

06-06-2010, 08:13 PM
Milanoo.com sell's zentai and catsuits plus it's cheap and some items are free shipping it takes a couple weeks but their merchandise is worth the wait trust me

06-07-2010, 11:53 PM
Yeah, I hear they're good (only problem would be long shipping and the fit), but I'm interested in making it. It will be tough, but I'm excited!

I'm making the gloves tomorrow. <3

06-12-2010, 09:38 PM
the shipping for their catsuits is free, i found a really good one too i can link you via PM plus its relatively cheap and custom tailored all you have to do is follow the guide and send in the required measurements