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06-17-2010, 01:07 AM
Me and my boyfriend are going to Metrocon this year. We've got everything set up except for one teeny tiny important thing...well its not really teeny tiny... Um well ya see...
We need a place to stay. Now we only need to be in the room or house or whatever, for a small amount of time. In reality all we need is a place to sleep at, IF we do get any sleep,for the times the con is not running.

The problem is.... We dont have any money for it.We've budgeted our money to the point that we only just barely have enough for our weekend passes. We're not even spending money on any things to buy most likely. But here is my proposition. Since I know that mostly the places(rooms,apartment,house) get messy, I am willing to clean up after everyone's mess. I'll help in any way I can. Heck,I'll even cook! I'll do anything to accommodate anyone so they are comfortable. Me and my boyfriend dont ever fight or anything like that, so you dont have to worry about that. I promise we wont do ecchi things either.

A little bit about us:
Im 19 turning 20 on july 12th. Im very responsible and kind and I dont like to give any trouble.

My boyfriend is 20 turning 21 on september 28th. He's a bit rowdy but knows when to calm down and not do anything he's not supposed to. He does smoke though.

We'll be keeping our things in the car and heck, if you need a ride, I would be more than happy to give you one back and forth the con with no charge.

If you'd like to call me to get to know me and sort out some details, just pm me and I'll give you my number or just look me up on FB under Karu Chan.


07-11-2010, 03:14 AM