View Full Version : Photographer available - Anaheim/Orange County

06-25-2010, 06:18 PM
Hello! I'm new to photography and cosplay photography, and I would really appreciate your help. I've done photoshoot with friends and their models before, but I haven't done anything on my own, and never have with cosplay. I love cosplay and would love to have a epic cosplay picture someday (big goal!), but I need to start somewhere, right?

I live in Anaheim and I don't mind traveling around the OC, maybe excursion to LA and San Diego if time and money permit? Of course, I wouldn't charge, if anything I owe you! I'm not rich, so I can't really pay you, but if you accept cookies, I would gladly bring some. And I wouldn't mind picking you up either if you need a ride!

This is still a huge learning process for me and I'm excited about every bit of it. I really hope to hear from you.

Oh! I'll also be at Anime Expo this upcoming week if you want to have a meet and greet. My email address is lilbratbunny@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

(This is also my first post here, so I hope I'm doing this right :o So many firsts!)