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06-27-2010, 07:18 PM
A lot of other Con boards have this kind of thread, so I thought I'd make one too.

I'm pretty interested in photoshoots, professional that is, in Detroit. Is anyone familiar with Detroit and the RenCen surroundings? Perhaps does someone know good places around to take pictures? If you had on-location pictures, that'd be awesome.:angel:

Mr. Robot
07-01-2010, 02:05 PM
Well, the Ren Cen is right in the middle of downtown Detroit among many buildings and the local sporting venues (Ford Field, Comerica Park, and Joe Louis Arena). Other than straight up city, the only type of background you're going to find on-site will probably be the waterfront looking over at Windsor, ON.

If you're willing to move around a little, there are nearby parks as well as the Ambassador Bridge opposite of Joe Louis Arena. All depends on what you're looking for, I guess.

07-02-2010, 09:43 PM
The waterfront is great :D

07-14-2010, 03:03 PM
I don't wanna sound like an in-doorer, but I pick inside the hotle for one of photo shoot location x3.

Raiji Magiwind
07-14-2010, 07:21 PM
Off hand, based off my initial scout of the area....within the RenCen and it immediate area itself, the Windergarden, and the Riverfront Walk are two spots, as well as the large Borealis sculpture.

Nearby stuff would include Hart Plaza off hand...though you also got various areas around the city as well if your willing to hop the People Mover...you could hit the Joe, Greektown (though Greektown is also a small hike from the RenCen...maybe 10 minute walk roughly), just to name a few. Or you could go down to Campus Martius station and do something at Campus Martius Park or at the nearby stuff like photos near the Comerica Park (A possible interesting shot for say baseball playing anime characters) or Ford Field (Might make an interesting pic for Eyeshield 21 cosplayers to stand outside of), or Fox Theatre...

Of course, possibly finding a somewhat interesting backdrop for perhaps the Reborn! cosplayers wouldn't be to hard either...just find some of the older buildings in the area...

The chief issue is how far your willing to travel for a picture...and the People Mover is only $0.50 each time to ride...

Mr. Robot
07-15-2010, 11:54 PM
The chief issue is how far your willing to travel for a picture...and the People Mover is only $0.50 each time to ride...

This. Totally forgot to mention the People Mover, but if you choose to use it, make sure you have more than just yourself and your photographer with you. That is, after all, downtown Detroit, and although its not as bad as its made out to be, its still not a place you're going to want to run around in a costume without a couple more people around.

I've had that issues before with a couple guys a few blocks from the convention center at Ohayocon, and I'm glad in hindsight me and my conmates were all together. Having a couple of gangstas taking interest in you is never good if you're by yourself. :lost: