View Full Version : Room and/or ride available

06-30-2010, 04:23 PM
I really did not want to do this, but most of my real friends aren't going or have other arrangements, so ("we" refers to myself and my friend, two females aged late twenties-early thirties):

Room: We have a double bed (2 beds) room in the Hyatt, which we are willing to share with up to 8 people counting ourselves. A bed is not 100% guaranteed, and if you do get a bed you must be willing to share with someone else of your same gender (or, if applicable, your significant other). No drugs, no sex, no alcohol (at least not in the room), no parties (the con itself has plenty to choose from), no drama- the usual, pretty much. Rate depends on number of people.

Ride: We are driving down from the northern Virginia area and can take on a maximum of two passengers. You will be expected to help pay for gas and are responsible for your own food and drink expenses. If you would also be rooming with us, great, but it is not a prerequisite. Once we're at the Hyatt, we will not be moving the car again until Monday.

Both: Must be 18 or older. We are not babysitters.

Reply or PM if interested.