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Padme Skywalker
09-20-2003, 06:48 PM
Aggghhhh...I just seen this movie & OMG! I am making Seline's costume....I love wearing black & she kicked *ss! I just need teeth...Anybody know where I can can get vamp teeth done?

09-20-2003, 10:34 PM
The best kind are custom made. My SO's making mine. First you have to have a cast of your mouth, like when you have a dental cap made, then the fangs are made so they fit your eyeteeth perfectly. You should even be able to eat with them.

I can get details on materials and the method if you want, or I can find out if he'll take any commisions for them.

09-21-2003, 06:20 PM
i did love that movie! that is a kick ass costume. too bad they didn't let her put on that dress, that would've looked beautiful. I love the trench

09-21-2003, 10:38 PM
I LUUUUVED that costume and want to make it really badly too! I'm also planning to maybe do an Akasha from Queen of the Damned so vamp teeth is something I needa make too! Best of luck with your Seline!!!!^^

09-24-2003, 07:01 PM
Got a pre-order in for the resin statue to see the costume.

There are a few places that make fangs. Personally, I just went to my dentist and he was quite willing to have them made for me.

I did note that much of the time, the style of fangs that where in her mouth are what are called quads.
That is two on either side with one over the canine teeth. This tends be just noticible without causing the lisping that larger full canine style fangs can do.

09-24-2003, 07:03 PM
ps. I forgot to say that it the character's name is
Selene (after Latin for moon). No i in it at all.

09-28-2003, 09:19 PM
Loved her boots. I may decide to throw together a Selene since I own a lot of that stuff already.