View Full Version : Oekaki boards and whatnot!

10-14-2002, 07:28 PM
Do any of you oekaki at all? Where? I'm a regular at WISH Oekaki [http://isweb28.infoseek.co.jp/play/kaiyama/cgi-bin/oekaki/picture.cgi] It used to be a strictly Digimon board, but they opened up to all animes over the summer. I've been going there for about 16 months.... all of the people there are very nice [though a lot of the artists have scrammed over time].

...but don't you HATE it when you're working on an oekaki and something happens to the window, and you loose it? That was actually my inspiration for this thread.... a few minutes ago, I was close to completing a Tatsuha oekaki, and there was a power surge. It died, and I was quite sad. For once, I was proud of a piece of my art, and blah blah blah... it went away. TT_____________TT