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07-05-2010, 11:02 PM
I am professional photographer and I would like to shoot cosplayers on-location and I have some special creative ideas for some shoots. I also have a studio if you want some traditional style portraits, but i have some very great ideas that would work or anime/movie stills. I am really looking to expand my portfolio and will dedicate a section of my website for cosplay and cosplay photography.

my work can be found here. corybilleaud.com
my work is photoshop less, and shot all in-camera, old skool style. many people do not believe me, but that's the magic of photography. I am a traditional artist, that used to paint and illustrate, but would spend hours, days, weeks on art on my work. I have evolved with image making to set the foundation of my art with photography.

I am interested any opportunity, as i love what i do, and love to share it with others. Usually I charge for work, my rates can be found on my site. Since, this is something I believe could create a whole new niche of modern art, I will do this for free, I can't really afford to, but art must be created regardless of superficial costs.

well please contact me, I am not sure if I can post my number on here without getting into trouble, so please find me here or go to my site.

I want to showcase all of our talents, a smart man surrounds himself with others more creative and intelligent than himself.

So let's do this, I have a very open and flexible schedule. I will also travel to dallas, austin, san antonio, corpus and other places within 300-400 miles if the project and model are definitely worth the trip...

Well I look forward to hearing from all potential prospects. This is your chance to have a professional photography to be at your whim.

Cory Billeaud

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