View Full Version : Photographer available (free) - ComicCon (SD) and Superhero Street Fair/etc. (SF)

07-06-2010, 03:21 AM
I'll be at the Superhero Street Fair in San Francisco on July 10th (Saturday) and at ComicCon in San Diego on July 22-23 (Thursday/Friday). They're certainly not pure anime events, but there are always some interesting costume creations.

I have experience shooting sports and lifestyle work, but my cosplay photos so far have just been moments out on the floor at cons. I'd love a chance to do some more dedicated shoots!

I'm typically based near SF and also happy to compare schedules for shoots in that area. Mostly shoot outdoors, but I can also arrange time at a studio with a bit of advance notice.

Con shots and a link to my portfolio are in my profile. Feel free to PM or post to contact me.