View Full Version : I need a help with a cosplay

07-08-2010, 10:23 AM
I need a tutorial of the Black Star cosplay. I always looked for tutorials of the wig and the shoes but I didnīt found nothing... please some help!! xD

07-08-2010, 11:12 PM
Find the bottom of white pants and sew them onto black pants. You can be messy on the seems. Cover the metalic areas with shiny grey cloth. Use this to cover in between the black and white part of the pants. Buy foam balls cut them in half and spray paint them grey. Glue them on the grey areas of black stars clothing. Either sew or buy a black top you can cut of the sleves our just don't sew them on. Cover the middle with grey cloth, and coppy the intructions that involves the foam balls. Find a rely thick materrial and use wires to make the neck stand up add more grey cloth and foam balls as before. bicecle gloves and foam covered in grey material were the gloves. for the Boots try clown shoes at holloween store (some are opened all year round. but my siter just add foam on the tip add white fabric and draw on a black star.

This is what my sister did.

She got the wig as a gift though. Anyway I found some usefull refrence pictures if you want. soul eater black stars boots. Just gogle that and it will help.