View Full Version : green arrow costume

07-09-2010, 08:25 PM
hi yeah this year i wanna dress as the green arrow from smallville cause he is the greatest character ever
but im having trouble with it
i can't find a pattern or a costume for sale
does anyone know anyone who is selling one or has a patter n so i can make one i really want this costume
i've checked ebay and the costumes are great but take awhile to make
please please please help this is my main costume for the whole year and i want it to be great

the pictures attached are all ive been able to find

07-25-2010, 09:59 PM
Check out cossplaying on Ebay if you're looking to commission this costume. they aren't listing their GA costume due to the copyright issue, but they do have one that's great and reasonably priced.

Otherwise, you should be able to take a pattern and modify it. The pants would be a simple legging pattern.