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07-13-2010, 06:32 PM
'Sup! I'm gonna be cosplaying as Blair from Soul Eater and my friend is gonna be Mizune, and I have some things I need help on. I've cosplayed as Blair twice before, one of her in her dress and the second in her skimpy outfit where she fights Mizune. I want to redo her dress and have somthing in the bottom of the dress to make it round like hers is. I saw a Blair cosplayer in a video with her dress like that, heres the link.
Is there somthing specific I could use? Or just any wire?
First is the wig, at first I didn't wear a wig (My hair is black and curls slightly at the tips in the front but not on the bottom) but I still couldn't figure out on how to get the big curls she has.
Next is the brooch on her chest, I originally made it out of clay and safety pinned it on. I'll probably just use that again. I was trying to think of a way to mke it into a bell or somthing? Idk, tell me what ya got. XD
Also about How I could enhance my bewbs a bit? (Boobs, I just spell it like bewbs hehe X3) I wear a 36C and want to make them Ds for Blair.
Next is Mizune's dress. How should I do her top? I know how to get everything else, but the top is just. . .idk.

Thanks for any help!!


Heres my ref pic of Blair.

Heres my ref pic of Mizune

Heres a pic of me in Blair's skimpy outfit

And heres a pic of Me in my first Blair dress >.> One of the swirls on my boot fell off, please ignore it lol

Lol I wish I took better pics, both were taken by a friend