View Full Version : An Otaku's Guide to Westchester!

Ranma Saotome
09-23-2003, 11:33 AM
Greetings one and all! Ranma Saotome here!

This is a thread about what to do for fun stuff during the con.

If there's a bunch of people traveling by public transportation, you may wanna chip in for a 22 pack bus ticket book for $35.

BTW, if you are taking the train... Metro North to Port Chester, 13 bus to Ossning. Tell the driver you want the Ryetown Hilton. Make sure you get a uniticket when buying your train fare for 90 cents, or else you will be paying $1.75 to get on the bus.

Before we begin, a lot of the good stuff is in White Plains. 13 Bus to Ossning, fare $1.75.

Food: The White Plains Galleria and the Westchester Mall has nice priced food courts. If you want coffee/expresso, there is a Borders right next to the Westchester Mall. If you need a pocky fix, there is a store in the Galleria called Lu Lu, where you also get Pucca trinkets too. There is a diner int he Westchester. Also further down on the 13 bus, if you want to gogo the other diner, take that bus to the Westchester County Center and cross the street. If you have a fix for Korean food, there is a place called Kalbi House. To get there, get off a the stop for the county center and walk up the street bout 2 blocks which is Central Avenue. Oh yeah! Not far from the Westchester is a Super Stop n Shop for cup ramen!

Entertainment: Yes, there is a DDR machine nearby. White Plains Bowl has DDR MAX 2. But not a lot has been unlocked. To get there, take the 13 bus to Ossning one stop past the County Center. It's 50 cents to play. But if you want DDR extreme, you will have to travel. You will take the 13 bus to Port Chester and take Metro North to New Rochelle (southbound). Walk to the end of the platform and take the stairs up. From there, go right, you will see a post office and a bank on your left. Cross the street to the post office and kepp walkin straight ahead, passing the office on your left to teh end of the block. Make a left, you'll see a movie theater. As you go past the Zannaros, go in the double doors and up the escalators. You'll find DDR 3rd Mix Korean (broke), MAX 2, and Etreme. These are $2 to play and you will need charge cards.

I think that will cover it all. Anymore questions just ask! There's a few cosplayers that live up here that will gladly help you!

Oh BTW... The building across the street from the hotel? Phillip Morris Int'l. I should know, I used to work there.