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07-16-2010, 08:56 PM
for this years london mcm expo,
im making an elven centaur, however im almost done with the half human/half horse part.
the horse is white, and the top will be white too, im not sure if i should paint myself gold or silver, i dont know which one really goes with white. silver?
anyway if i paint myself silver my top is just going to be a bra or crop top.
However im not sure what colour to have my hair or the horses tail. i was thinking a dark blue or light. If not that silver aswell for the hair and tail aswell as my body.

also i have elf ears, im wondering about a bow, im not sure what kind of bows elf's use i would think something like this:: http://kalmindonalliance.dracomyst.com/images/ArcheryShop/bow20elf2.jpg something with a bit of art put into it, i dont mind if it dosent have the gold on it. im looking for a cheap version.

This post is to really get ideas on the

wig & tail
skin colour- gold or silver
bow and arrows.

thankyou (: