View Full Version : Photographer available for Otakon; July 29th-Aug 1st.

XxEmo SasukexX
07-17-2010, 03:42 PM
This thread was posted through my Bf's account, but since he made a new one to start fresh, it had to be moderator approved. I don't know if and will it would go through, so I'm taking the liberty of posting it through mine. His account is xSabertooth and any PM's need to be sent to THAT account. This was also typed in his words, so I'm copying from his post;
(I also didn't realize a forum like this existed, so I'm posting it here, it seems to be the more proper place. ^^; )
- - - -;

Hello there! I'd say I am a pretty good photographer and I am willing to do personal
photoshoots for fellow cosplayers. I just upgraded my camera and have not had a decent
chance to take a proper photoshoot, so this is a good opportunity for me to really use it.

Please send me a PM, an e-mail to HomunculixXxEnvy@aol.com or you can contact me through my aim which is xDoggieboy, or NarutoLover4Life. (My gf's) :] Please include the day, time and where you'd like to have your shoot.

For examples of my work visit my DA; http://coldmidnightairxx.deviantart.com/
Most of my work is from my previous camera which as I said, I upgraded to a newer
one. One that is better. All the pictures on the first page of my gallery, starting from
Spring Has Arrived were taken by my new camera.

(Also, my GF's dA has quite a few pictures posted from my old camera; http://xxemosasukexx.deviantart.com/ )

I try very hard to make my work the best I can and I will be majoring in this subject
in college.

The only thing I ask is that you give me credit for my work. I'll also posts
these photos on my DeviantART.

I do charge for my shoots. I usually charge $20, but if you are tight on
cash, we can negotiate, like say $8-$10? So don't be repelled by $20, I'll lower it. lol
And if you want numerous costumes to be photographed we can work on a special price.

If you can't afford to pay for a shoot, just let me know, we'll work it out. :] No worries.

I'm available Thursday-Sunday.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. ^^