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09-23-2003, 09:35 PM
Since.. it STILL hasn't been added to the site, even after asking repeatedly and being told it was there. I decided to pluck it off our forum and put it here as well.

You can either cut and paste the form and email it to cosplay@animenext.org (Sub: REGISTRATION) OR you can print out the form and mail it to:

Universal Animation
PO Box 1088
Pearl River, NY 10965
Attn: Cosplay

There are only about 50 spots for this year's cosplay, so its encouraged that you pre-registrered, but there will still be registration at the event. I had a few people email me already, but received no registration back. If you think you registered and didn't get a confirmation email from me, please email me again at cosplay@animnext.org OH.. please ignore the times posted in the program guide, as they are incorrect.

Also, only fill out the Craftsmanship portion if you wish to enter for craftsmanship. And do not forget that you will have to stop by during Registration hours to set up an appointment.

<-------------Begin cut and paste here---------------------->

AnimeNext Cosplay Registration Form

Full Names of all entrants:

Contact's Permanent Mailing Address:

Contact's Email Address:

Group Name:

Costume Source (Circle one): Anime, Manga, Video Game, J-rock/J-Pop

Name of Source:

Intro (Circle one): Taped, Printed (please attach), None

Additional Info for MC (Master of Ceremonies):

Craftsmanship form (Optional)

Contestant's real name: _______________________________________

In the event that you win, would you like your real name to be read? Y /N

If “no”, what name would you like to be read? ____________________________________________

***You are required to bring at least -one- color picture, preferably more, for reference***

What is the character?

What series is he/she/it from?

Who made/designed this costume?

How many conventions have you worn this costume to?

How many conventions have you entered this in a cosplay?