View Full Version : Costume Rental/Loan for Comiket (womens' small)

07-19-2010, 07:52 AM
Hey girls... I'm too big to help much. But my friend Shota's friend is coming to her first Comiket and would like to join us all cosplaying... the trouble is, she doesn't have anything to wear and doesn't want to spend much money on something she only wants to wear once. I would lend her something myself, but she's ~tiny~.

If any of you have costumes you've already worn in small sizes sitting around that wouldn't be too hard to pack -- would it be possible to rent or even borrow one of them for one day? The same goes for a wig...

Shota, myself and another friend will have a small VOCALOID group ~ so VOCALOID costumes are the most welcome. Though I'm sure that any costume she would recognize would be just fine by her. If you have a costume that goes with your own ~ you may even gain a new group member!

It might be a great chance to make a new Japanese friend and it would really help both Shota and his friend have their best possible experience at their first Comiket.

If I can help by loaning a wig or making accessories I absolutely will. I'll also make sure your costume is hand-washed and returned to you the following day. If it's damaged in any way, we'll pay to repair it.

If you have anything to offer, please pm me and let me know so I can ask her if she knows the character :) If you have a rental price ~ let us know that too.

Thank you so much in advance ~

(ps. Shota is kind of cute and totally single... here's your chance :P )

07-20-2010, 05:50 PM
We've got a costume! :3

Now we're just looking to borrow a Hatsune Miku wig (or buy one extremely cheaply).