View Full Version : Bleach Captains Dinner at Umezono for people going to AWA

07-19-2010, 07:49 PM
Ok guys so I'm making plans to do a Captains Dinner at Umezono on Sat. Sept. 18 for those going to AWA and I would really like to get some more Captains. At the moment I have about 5 Captains (regular and the Turn back the pendulum arc) and need at least 8 people to lock in the reservation. When we have done this before a group of 12 would get the bigger room more then a group of 10 so we'd really like to have people come. If we can at least get 11 captains I'll be willing to bring in some of the lieutenants. So if you are interested and KNOW that you are going to AWA and know that you can come to the dinner please either pm me here, reply to this or e-mail me at bunny554@gmail.com Also please let me know which Captain you are doing so I can try not to have so many repeat captains. I love all the captains but I don't want like 7 Byakuyas. Thanks guys~!