View Full Version : Ana's Ikimaru Geisha, Samurai, and Kimono Makeover Studio + Cosplay photos are back!

07-20-2010, 01:44 AM
Hey everyone! Just letting you know that in addition to offering our Geisha, Samurai, and Kimono Makeovers, this year we are also offering cosplay photgraphy!

We have over 50 backgrounds for you to chose from and can instantly print high quality photographs, as well as give you digital copies of all work. We are accepting Walk-Ins all weekend, although booking ahead of time it preferred. Here's some more information about the makeovers:


Also, for the first time at Metrocon we are offering free cosplay photoshoots as well. You can come in and take a photo in your costume on our chroma-key green-screen, pick a background, and if you like what you see, then prints are just $5 each. You also get your digital copy with the print- not big scary Watermarks Of Doom here! There is no obligation to buy, but please do say hello so I can see all the cool costumes! ^_^

Also, just as a further note, but if any of y'all are wearing a kimono and having any issues or trouble, stop by the studio. I am a student of two different schools of kitsuke Kimono training and I'd be glad to lend my assistance since I know some of those obi musubi knots can take practice!

Have a great week getting ready for Metrocon everyone! ^_^