View Full Version : What materials should I use for the Deedlit costume?

09-24-2003, 05:49 AM
Since this will be my first/extreme costume for next years Anime Expo, me a newbie, is struggling in finding all the necessary materials. Some of you who have made a Deedlit costume before, what materials did you use? I've heard of people using fabrics ranging from silk to wool, cardboard for the shoulder pads, and all kinds of imaginative stuff.

My friends think light forest green wool would look, feel, and lay the best out of all other possible materials for the dress. As for the shoulder pads I was thinking a blue dyed leather molding in a way to make it hard. Expensive probably but I can see it coming out quite nice. What I'm really stumped on is the gold trimming. It's kind of thick and you can see the designs on the chest, collar, and trimming around each shoulder. I do have a material in mind but unfortunately I can't remember the name. (Round and tube-like.) I was thinking it could be wrapped in a dark-colored gold. I could probably use the same blue dyed leather material for the two armlets and boots noting that they both have more of the gold trimming on them. As for the sword I have a friend who owns a thin double-edged sword. It weighs a bit but should look good never the less.

Lastly I need to find the small little accessories like the thing on her head, the belt for the sword, and of course the elf ears. I've looked around for elf ears that are more of Deedlit's length but I only can find the Lord of the Rings style. (Small pointy ones) Would anyone know of a store that sells extra long ones? The wig shouldn't be hard to find.

Again I'm open to suggestions on materials. Please feel free to leave positive or negative feedback. Thanks! :skidude2: