View Full Version : Vocaloid Custom Cosplay! [ ? ]

07-21-2010, 09:57 PM
So... I've been looking through all of the topics, and I've been seeing all these versions of vocaloids, and utau's that people are cosplaying as... From PV's, and whatnot.

But, I've come up with my own designs for Len and Kaito that my boyfriend and I are doing. Once the bows, and ears are finished, I'll probably post it on my profile, or something, but I was wondering is that was okay...? O___o;

I'm cosplaying as Len, who has cat ears, and a large bow around his neck, worns backwards with a black shirt, black pants, and boots with a blue butterfly on my neck, kinda like how Soubi hides his loveless scar. And my boyfriend's going to have a red/orange/yellow butterfly tattoo on his neck as well, but it'll be showing. He'll be wearing a blue scarf, and... I'll be carrying a banana while he carries an ice-cream bubble-blower thing that I got from AC moore's...

I want to add more to his outfit though, and I'm not sure what I could do, exactly. When I told him I was going to have cat ears, he tried to tell me he was going to get a wolf tail, or something, but I told him not to because that would be dumb. No offense, but when you take a vocaloid, and add Cat ears, [ Which I would give him cat ears, but he doesn't want any ], it at least looks cute, you know? But when you just add a random wolf tail, then it gets dumb. Especially when he's the Uke, and I'm the seme. But I might decide not to wear the cat ears, maybe save them for sunday when I dress in regular day-to-day guy clothes. Depends.

But what do you think I could add to Kaito's custom design, rather than just the black button up shirt, black pants, and a blue scarf...? I mean, sure, he at least has vanilla scented bubbles to blow from the ice-cream bubble blower thing I got for him, but... I wanna add more to the design that wouldn't clash and ram it into a wall like a wolf tail would, but I want to add more to it. Any suggestions?