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07-22-2010, 12:29 PM
I wanna make a layered skirt for Espeon. I want to make it like this:

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I wanna make the waistband shorter, I want three layers, and I want it a few inches shorter than knee length. I'm araid that if I don't have proper instructions, I'll screw it up terribly. I don't really have room for mistakes, help? :lost:

07-22-2010, 12:53 PM

start with a short black fitted skirt (either made or bought) and add the ruffles to it. Just make sure the skirt is about 2 inches shorter than the target length of your skirt.

For a very ruffly poofed skirt like that, here is what I would do:

Measure the final skirt circumference where you will be sewing each ruffle on. Multiple by 3 to get the length of fabric you will need. (So if the skirt is 40" where you are attaching the ruffle, you will need a 120" piece of fabric).

To determine the width of the pieces you will need, decide how wide the ruffles need to be (keep in mind that you want at least 1" of overlap between the ruffles). Multiply that by two, then add 1 inch (for wiggle room). (ie. if you want to see 3" of ruffle, plus 1" for overlap, that is 4". Doubled is 8", + 1" for wiggle is 9".)

Cut strips of fabric to match your measurements. (Using the above examples, your first ruffle would need a piece of fabric 120" long and 9" wide.) If possible, cut with pinking shears so the unfinished hidden edge won't fray later.

Fold the fabric over lengthwise, right side out (so now you have a 120" long piece that is 4.5" wide and double thick).

Using a wide basting stitch, sew along the unfinished edge where the two sides meet. Make sure you leave extra thread hanging loose at either end. (Now you should have a 120" long tube)

Pull the basting threads gently to gather the material to the target length, leaving 5/8" extra at either end for seams. ( In this example, you are gathering until you have a piece 40" + 5/8" + 5/8" = 41 1/4" long.) You have created a ruffle.

Run a basting stitch along the unfinished side (where your gathering threads are) to secure the piece at the right length. Turn the ends into the ruffle so there is a nice folded edge at each end of the ruffle.

Pin the ruffle in place. gently separate or tighten the gathers as needed to make it fit perfectly, with the ends of the ruffle overlapping just a bit in the center back.

When you're sure it's right, sew the ruffle in place using a short/permanent stitch. Cut off any extra thread left from the gathering. You can remove the gathering threads if you want, but I usually don't because they help prevent fraying.

Hand sew the two ends of the ruffle together where they overlap.

Repeat for each additional ruffle.


Good luck!