View Full Version : Need photographer for Thurs(7/29) of Otakon!

Aurora Maryte
07-22-2010, 08:07 PM
So, I was able to find plenty of photographers able to shoot my and my siblings' FFXIII costumes. Thank you. :)

But...I still need a photographer for Otakon. A group of friends and I realllllly want to do a Bleach photoshoot, and it needs to be on Thursday night. That is the only time we are really free and can all be in our Bleach cosplays at the same time.
Also, we were looking at doing this Thursday night because what we REALLY want is some moonlight shots, so it will look like Hueco Mundo.

I've been told photographing in the moonlight is tough. I'm hoping there is a photographer out there who is attending Otakon who is up to the challenge, and willing to help us out.
Oh and I was given a hint by one of the wonderful photograpers on here, Eriol, that I should be more specific. We can be lit by flash, by all means. I didn't mean that the group can only be lit by moonlight in the photos. Those photos would never come out!
I just want the moon in some shots with us, and want the pictures to be lit in a way so that it looks like we are illuminated by bright moonlight..even though we are lit by flash in reality. I know it can be done, because my sister had some shots done once in one of her costumes, at night, outside and using flash, but not with the flash so bright that it was blinding or making the photo look like day. The pictures were dark, yet you could still see details.
I had a photographer scheduled for this, but they had to cancel, and I've been asking around but can't find anyone else. I really hope we don't need to cancel this. :(

Just so you have an idea of time, the moon rises at 9:52pm on the 29th. Therefore, obviously with tall buildings around, the moon wouldn't be high enough until around 10:30ish.