09-24-2003, 05:13 PM
[Related to AnimeNEXT 'cause cause it's nearby and keeps going from when the con closes on Sat. till it opens again on Sun.]


AnimeNYC brings you…


In Stamford, Connecticut not far from the AnimeNEXT convention
From Saturday Oct. 4 to Sunday Oct. 5th.

This is for everyone! People either going or not going to AnimeNEXT

There is transportation available from both NYC and AnimeNext.

To get an idea of what you are getting into check out this link to see this UNBELIEVEABLE HOME THEATER SYSTEM!!!
(110" screen with a state of the art sound system, "Krell and Runco Baby!!")

Check out these two folders:
Chris's CT home theater setup
CT Anime Marathon - 6.27.03

Furthermore, this WILL NOT!!! be just a Zombie session were all we do is watch anime after anime. We WILL watch lots of anime BUT we will also be kicking back and (gasp!) actually getting to know people i.e. TALKING!!!. We also might go through some J-Pop/Rock music perhaps some anime soundtracks, and oh yeah... BRING your laptops because Christopher has a highspeed wireless network in the house(can you say LANgame).

For those of us GOING to AnimeNEXT:
Think of this as an extension of the con. Someplace to go… if… well… the con just didn’t quite… you know… satisfy your anime needs.
Someplace to watch *more* anime when the con is over. Perhaps even something you just bought! A place to relax, hang out, and sleep(FOR FREE) before beginning the next hectic day of the con. Besides what the HELL are you going to do in Rye,NY at 2AM???

For those of us NOT GOING to the con:
Think of this as a FREE mini-con/party. Watch anime on a screen better than many theaters, hang out, and again actually get to know people with whom you talk to online.

We did this before in June but took it to the extreme of three full days. We watched anime(of course), laughed, party'd, and ate straight from Friday to Sunday. NO ONE SLEPT!!! (okok some of us passed out but there's a difference). About 30 people showed up at all hours of the day and night to join us and it was just a blast, esp cause of Christopher’s moocho moocho sweet theater rig.

So if you're interested holl'a back because the list is growing...

-Smokey The Balrog(Michael)

09-25-2003, 02:12 AM
I like the way you think......... I was going to throw an amazing anime party too but the hotel rooms are probably not too large. I have a ddr metal pad with like 700 songs on a laptop and the hook up and a tv out. So basically it's like having an arcade in your house. I also can make a DVD with ANY anime you want on it. PM me, it would be nice to work together because people loveeeeee to ddr esp when it's free and it's like DDR EXTREME except with all the songs 1 -8th mix and about 400 more

09-25-2003, 05:10 PM
This looks so good it MUST be evil! xD

09-26-2003, 07:26 AM
hehe you are in my room either way cutie, so you have a win/win situation

10-01-2003, 12:26 AM
Ok, finally more info for our Saturday to Sunday bash:

First: I am considering holding a Thursday Night dinner (In the city of course) so that people can actually meet each other.
Please let me know if you're interested and can make it.
It would be say 8pm if that’s good for everyone.

Second off lets cover cars, orded by departure time.
Please contact them, so they know you're coming and you can exchange cell phone numbers and such.

Driver: Me, Michael / SmokeyTheBalrog
Contact: SmokeyTheBalrog@EathLink.net
And Cell[Yes I am being a little nuts posting personal info on open BBS's]: (646)591-4270
Spaces: If there is enough interest 7 spaces, otherwise I'll take my car and that would be only 3 spaces.

Departure: Not sure yet, should have it finalized tomorrow morning.
Will either be: Thursday Night, Friday Morning, or Sunday Evening.
(I know, I suck and I will try and get this info nailed down ASAP)
Preferred pick up point: Queens 69th Str, Station on the 7 line (But like most of this, it's flexible)

Leaving: Sunday morning back to the con and after the con back to the city.

Driver: Ark
Contact: ark3@email.com
Spaces: 3 (I strongly suggest you e-mail him and RSVP)

Saturday MORNING,
Leaving roughly 9:00 AM This IS flexible should people prefer a little earlier or later.
(But unless people wish the time changed you should get there around 8:30 AM)

Pick up point:
Kew Garden Union Turnpike Station
Lines: E and the F lines (I suggest the E it usually flies)

Destination: AnimeNEXT

Departing AnimeNEXT at about 10pm. (This also is variable depending on the con and people)

Destination: AnimeNYC party.

Late Night/early morning can drop people off back in the Kew Garden Union Turnpike Station area.

Sunday morning: Heading back to AnimeNEXT

Eventually leaving can to go back to NY
Again Kew Garden Union Turnpike Station

Driver: Chris (Super Home Theater Guy)
Contact: cbcharles@yahoo.com
Spaces: 4 (Again I strongly suggest you RSVP)

Saturday EVENING 7:00 PM (Suggest you get there @ 6:30/6:45)
If people want he can drop people off at AnimeNEXT before heading to his place and starting up the party.
The party should start around 8:30 PM

Pick up point:
NYC Union Square
Starbucks @ Broadway and 17th Str,
Right outside the entrance.
Lines: 4,5,6, & R

Sunday 10:00 AM
Drop off points, either AnimeNEXT or back to NYC Union Square area.

We hope to have more drivers especially between AnimeNEXT and the party.
Drivers please e-mail me for directions and/or if you can provide rides.

Third off:
There is plenty of public transportation for people who have their own schedual.
Both AnimeNEXT and the AnimeNYC party are on the same line.
Metro North "New Haven line"
To AnimeNEXT: Get off at the Rye station or the Port Chester station
To AnimeNYC anime bash/binge get off at the Stanford station.
(Only a about 4 stops north of AnimeNEXT)

Remember party starts around 8:30 PM Sat. and ends around 10:00 AM Sun.


Blanket of other sleeping device
Tooth Brush + paste
Maybe even a change of clothes.


There will also, be some funsub (unlicensed of course ;) swaping so...
Bring your laptop + any external HD's CD-Burners etc.
And blank CD-Rs.

We should have to 10/100 base-T switches there for extra fast file swapping + gaming.


Also, feel free to BYOB. :D

Ok, let me know if you want more info.
I will get all info that’s up in the air straightened out and will post ASAP.

To wrap things up, please note that I’m writing all this while my eyes are starting not to focus so please be forgiving of typos and any wrong or confusing info that I put in. Just let me know I and will fix it.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
SmokeyTheBalrog (Michael)

10-01-2003, 05:03 PM
Well everyone, since I have gotten some responses saying that they're up for a dinner, here's the info:

We'll meet in front of the Virgin Mega-store CAFE ENTRANCE!
At say 8:00 pm. If this is to late let me know.

I believe the 4,5,6 and R train go there.
Just get off at the 14th Street - Union Square Station.

Unless I forget it, which has happened many times, I will have an AnimeNYC sign about the size of a piece of paper mounted on core board.
Also, as always if there is a problem call my cell: (646)591-4270

-StB (Michael)

PS - If people wish driving info, please e-mail both me and Chris at:

10-01-2003, 11:59 PM
Ark's car leaving Saturday morning for the con is already full.

Cars Left: Chris leaving Sat. evening.

Me: leaving either Thursday night or Friday morning.

I *might* make a trip back to NY to pick up people Sat. morning if there is enough interest.

10-02-2003, 12:28 AM
Ok, I have decided.... (drum roll)

Leaving Friday morning at 9:00 AM
Contact: SmokeyTheBalrog@earthlink.net
(With one car already full RSVPing would be a good idea. :D )
Also, for last minute stuff my cell is (646)591-4270

Pick up/depature point will be the 69th Str. Station in Queens on the 7 line.
(If you take an express you have to switch to the local at 61st / Woodside)

-SmokeyTheBalrog (Michael)