View Full Version : Gatorade G series review

07-24-2010, 07:25 PM
The pre-workout (prime) tastes great, it better be cause it's basically sugar water pre-workout for extra boost of energy :p I feel like it helps a little but I don't think it's that great either.

Gatorade G2 the original Gatorade I think we're all used to this already.

Gatorade G3 recovery. Kiwi Strawberry to me is barely drinkable, it tastes like weird diet kiwi strawberry drink + a old can of sprite left in the car for a day or two slight after taste.... 3/10

Lemon Lime is actually not too bad considering this also has a weird sprite aftertaste but definiately drinkable after a workout 6/10 flavor wise.

Wild Berry tastes like wild berry prime, but with the damn old sprite taste again... still tolerable but kinda taste weird cause it's diet, probably 5/10 for taste definitely chuggable when cold.

Over all the recovery drink seems pretty good, got some carbs and HYDROLYZED whey protein which is amazing

(super pure and fastest absorption even over regularly processed whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey is clear unlike regular whey protein so these drinks are clear as well.)

Especially the price is pretty good for a RTD protein drink (ready to drink) Muscle milk was the only real competition but I don't know what they did but used to be delicious, now it's weird....

Over all I don't think Gatorade is really worth it unless you don't have anything and your at the store. Milk does a better job of hydrating you over Gatorade cause of extra potassium and magnesium content. but if your like me where your lactose intolerant Gatorade Lemon Lime recovery (I only find it at 7-11 so far) will be my choice drink so far if I need to get a protein fix. Now if they'd only sell lactose intolerant milk at 7-11 otherwise I'll have to carry the pills =(