View Full Version : The Way to Your Heart- A JRock inspired webcomic

07-24-2010, 11:57 PM
The Way to your Heart (http://emi-art.com/twtyh/index.html) is an online manga written and drawn by Emily Muto.

Summary (direct from the site):
This is a shoujo style, visual kei inspired story about a girl prodigy named Yumi who transfers to a new school and literally bumps into the lives of a rising J-rock band named Orochi. As the musicians and the genius are suddenly thrust into the same world, emotions run wild in a torrent of teenage angst and passion.

There are two bands each with their own distinctive visual Kei styles, and would be both a challenge and a joy for anyone who enjoys that style. The author is really nice and loves to hear feedback. Her twitter is mangakaemi and she will provide you with ideas for your cosplays if you ask her.

So far I think there's only been one cosplay of her comic that she knows of. I'm planning on cosplaying Natsukawa Musashi possibly for SacAnime which Emi visits with her husband every year.

This is a chance to share your love of Emi's comic, and ideas for current and cuture cosplays. Come on! I can't be the only one who likes this! x3