View Full Version : Ash Ketchum HELP!

07-25-2010, 02:46 AM

I am having major issues with my Ash Ketchum cosplay.

First, I dont know how to go about making his jacket. I'm thinking that I could get a white polo and a blue polo/T shirt and morphing them together then adding yellow. Would this look tacky? Or should I sew it myself from scratch? Does anyone have any patterns or suggestions for patterns that i could use?

Next, The hat is troubling me. What seems like a good idea to me is to get a red cap and add the white to the front then put the symbol on it. Agian, would that look tacky? Any other suggestions?

I don't have time to order things off of the internet because I am afraid they wont get to me in time (I need everything done by August 20th for ComicCon Chicago)

Lastly, I need to order a wig from either Cosworx or Amphigory. I know what their shipping time is like for my area so I trust that the wig will get to me in time. Which wig should I get? http://www.cosworx.com/product.php?productid=16409&cat=2446
This one in black looks like it might work but I'm not sure.

I am working on a very low budget and I dont need for my costume to be absolutly perfect.

thanks in advance,