View Full Version : What material for Varia Suit (Metroid) armor?

07-25-2010, 08:34 AM
So one thing I REEALLY wanna do one day (when i have money to spend... currently saving almost every penny for car insurance/gas or else i have to get a job that i dont have time for) is to make a Metroid Varia Suit cosplay. But I wanna go ALL OUT. I dont want it to just be fabric or something like http://www.hemmy.net/images/games/metroid01.jpg but i want it to look like ACTUAL ARMOR (and feel like it)

This isnt happening for at LEAST a year, probly more, but I'm curious, what material should i use? I don't really know anything about materials and fabric and all that. I'm a musician and game designer xD

Also, I was thinking about it last night and figured I'd have to do it in 7 parts: Head, body, arm, arm/cannon, pelvis area, leg, leg. I'd make it in more parts than 7, but when it's finally done, those would be the 7 parts to put on when i wear it. Is there a simpler way?

09-03-2010, 10:35 PM
I have made two Samus suits (both as last-minute and cost-effective first armor cosplay projects too!) I describe my process in the last paragraph of my Dark Suit page.

The armor has wrinkles in it, but there is a notably better result in the Fusion than the Dark because I dabbled into paperclay to smooth out areas and employed the use of more Model Magic. Both Model Magic and Paperclay are expensive though :(. I have seen entire Model Magic suits (spread over base layers of tackboard) that look amazing, but I can only image how much it would cost O_O.

Unless you work with vacu-form machines, resins/bondo, molds or other more difficult and toxic substances, I would highly suggest frames/foams/mache/model magic and paperclay armor. With a good paint-job it can look more impressive than what it actually is too.

Both of my suits cost over 100 each to get materials/bodysuits though and hours of making time, so it is a very difficult project! If you add lights it will require the battery-packs and wiring as well.

Good luck!

12-02-2010, 08:07 PM
It might help to know bout what your definition of "ALL OUT" is. To some it might be wood, others its fiberglass. If you could let us know that we might be able to help more ^^.