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07-26-2010, 01:33 PM
An image, for those who don't know what character I'm talking about. (http://yafh.com/image/0602c16c-pyro_chainsaw_1.jpg)

Herro~. This might be trivial, but I was just wondering if anyone might have any suggestions for me. I'm at a stand-still trying to figure out what exactly I should use for the construction of the suit. I'm pretty certain it's some sort of flame-retardant material (obviously, lol), but I'm not sure what I can use to replicate that. Any store suggestions, websites, etc. will be a great help for me.
As for the mask and weapons, I'm pretty sure I've got that covered!

I'm more than willing to sacrifice comfort for quality, so as long as I can still breathe, I'm happy! :3

Thanks! <3

Big appleton
08-02-2010, 11:07 PM
from what a read at the TF2 wiki, his suit is made out of Asbestos, not only is it fire-retardent, it causes a number of lung diesease, including lung cancer, so its best to walk away from that direction :D

I would consider getting a red/blue jumpsuit of sort, cuz if you want the authentic Nomex-infused fabric, it'll might cost you a hefty penny. but if you want to obtain that rubbery look, i would have to suggest using latex or some other rubber like material :D