View Full Version : HEAL ALL Fukubukuro available until August 1st

07-26-2010, 11:26 PM
Low-end cosplay retailer HEAL ALL is having a pretty amazing (and off-season) sale. Cosplay lucky bags with 3 costumes, 1 wig and 2-3 support items for 7,700 yen plus a 600 yen shipping fee.


Lucky bags are split by size and character-gender of desired costume. You're not guaranteed the gender of costume you request, so the earlier you order, the better your results of getting male character costumes (the more limited of the two).

As with all lucky bags, you can't choose what you get. But at that price, even if you can't use any of it, you can probably make bag a good chunk of what you spent (if not all) on the marketplace at coscom.

I've picked one up out of morbid curiosity :) HEAL ALL is cheap and the costumes skew chintzy, but with three costumes, a wig and some extra swag for the price of just one low-end costume ~ it's a pretty tempting deal.

If you miss the bags in one day, more are added the following around noon. So if a size is sold out one day, try again the next.

07-28-2010, 05:42 AM
For those curious about the lucky bag contents, I got:

-6 pairs of panties, all g-strings
-a prop strawberry
-a pair of false lashes
-a sparse, but serviceable pale purple wig
-two patches
-a Heal-All carrying case
-a Sweet Pool student uniform shirt
-a Cendrillion KAITO costume
-a Howl shirt and coat

Not a bad haul for under $80! I'll definately use the howl, the lashes and the strawberry ~ will probably sell the other items to make up as much of the cost as I can :)

07-30-2010, 05:36 AM
I joined Kira in her morbid curiosity and got one of my own. I ordered an M-size bag for female characters and got:

-7 pairs of panties, all g-strings
-a pair of false lashes
-a long, white blonde wig
-two patches
-an AKB78 costume (PARTY!)
-a Lovely Idol Ruri Fujisawa costume
-a K-on Mio Akiyama costume (black dress and hat performance version)

Also not a bad deal. I got a few less things, which might have been due to the wig being a more expensive one or the like; not sure. I will definitely use the K-on costume. Will probably sell the other two. (They're well-made but I have no real interest in the group/character.)