View Full Version : Looooong Hair

07-27-2010, 08:49 AM
I got an awesome idea from a member of the forums here to try PokeCosplay, so I began flicking through a web page she (crayonattack) linked me and saw a picture of a sandslash.
Before I continue let me back up a tad. My hair is an average brown, and a bit over 2 feet long, so you can imagine how I saw a resemblance. Problem being, how on EARTH would I get these spikes with such long hair? Is it even possible? I'm 6 foot and my hair is in the middle of the small of my back, so perfect length for the cosplay, but does anybody have a clue how this could be achieved?
(Btw, even length all over - no bangs)

P.s. Any other pokemon one could anthro as with such hair?

P.p.s. I'M A GUY!