View Full Version : Never Been to D*C have a few questions

08-01-2010, 09:50 PM
I don't plan on going to Dragon Con this year, but next. Which hotel do you recommend? I'm a Hilton's rewards member, so I'd prefer the Hilton.

How much do you guys shell out for rooms? How many people can you fit in the room comfortably.

Any other tips for a first timer would be helpful. I have a few friends who want to go, but I want to make sure everyone knows what they're getting into before I start booking a room and such.


08-01-2010, 10:30 PM
First off rooms at host hotels sell out super fast, like you need to be booking the day they go on sale.

I would say be prepared to spend about one to two hundred on a room for the weekend per person at a host hotel depending on things like how many people are in the room and if you park in the hotel's parking deck. Ideally I think everyone should get bed space. So it's nice not to have more than four people in a room. Not that I hold it against friends I've stayed with the last couple years, especially since it resulted from my plans changing close to the con, but speaking from experience it's just a tad sad to be spending the same amount as everyone else yet stuck sleeping on the floor. It can also just get hectic with several cosplayers rooming together with having various bits of costumes all over the room.

About the hotels: I'm trying out the Hilton for the first time this year. It always seemed to be the quietest and when visiting friends I've never had a bad elevator wait there. The tunnel to it from the Marriott was complete by last year. So now you can get there from most of the rest of the con without even setting foot outside. The Hyatt has the worst elevators! I try not to stay there. Though I did end up there last year but luckily we were on the fourth floor so I could take the stairs. Twenty-four hour programming like concerts are also held in the Hyatt. The food court is connected right to the Hyatt and to the Marriott via a tunnel. And if you take the MARTA to the con from the airport then that stops at the Peachtree Center station which has an exit to said food court. The Marriott used to be my favorite but now it's become the busiest hotel at night with everyone hanging out at the Pulse bar and I just prefer a place a little bit calmer to stay. Elevators there aren't too bad. The Sheraton isn't connected to the others so you need to do a little bit of walking to get there. But I figure it might be worth staying there if you're really interested in one of the tracks being hosted there.

08-01-2010, 10:50 PM
I've posted 2 recent blog entries about a "guide" to Dragon*Con. I hope it will be worth your while: http://ne0ven0m.blogspot.com/

To take on some of your questions directly though, I stayed at the Hilton last year and loved it, so I booked there again for this year. It's around $205 a night for 4 nights (con rate). I stayed with 2 other folks last year, and this year, it will be myself, my girlfriend, and another couple we know. I'm paying the money for quality, so more than 4 people in a room would be too much for my taste. The Hilton itself has great staff, it's quiet, luxurious, no horror stories of waiting on an elevator, and close enough to everything going on, but it's not going on in your space. I would look for a room early, even starting in September and keep a lookout for the con code for the discounted rate. You do have to pay one night's stay as a deposit, so be ready for that. Ask me any other questions you have, about the hotel, or just experience of the con. Look forward to seeing you there in '11!

08-02-2010, 07:42 AM
Thanks so much. I read your blog earlier today. Lots of help.

I think after my Hilton rewards points get calculated for my trip at Otakon, I'll have a free night. woohoo. So that'll help a lot towards our room.

We'll probably only have 4 or 5 people in our room anyways. So far it's just 3 of us.

I'm already excited. I've always wanted to go to Dragoncon, but been really limited moneywise or have had other obligations.