View Full Version : ~ciel ballgown cosplay help?~

08-02-2010, 09:56 AM
umm im new in cosplaying and just recently i went to a con with the dress my mother made me (cuz the ordered one didnt get here on time) and well it was my first time and I didnt really pose well for the pictures or anything like that. all i did was a simple "curtsie sweet smile" combo...and i also didnt realize how much of a difference having a Sebastian with me would make...well i gues i shouldve seen it ne?

ah the point is that well,any tips on how to pose for pictures? and anyone know where i can maybe find a sebastian? sebastian cosplayers are so hard to find since they all already have a Ciel with them.....T 3T

also i would really like to do skits and stuf like that....would anyone please point me in the right direction of where to go or who to ask or what I should do? I live in south Texas and its very hard finding any dedicated anime lovers here....its sad actually...i feel so lonely here....T 3T well can anyone pleeeeeeeeease help meeeee?~ im so lost......T 3T

any help will be very much appreciated. domo arigaougozaimasu!~ *curtsie*

08-02-2010, 12:21 PM
Or you can look around at other Ciel cosplayers.

As for finding a Sebastian, go to a con in your cosplay, take some pictures, post them on dA or something, and if you're lucky someone from that con might recognize you, or find your pictures and be more brave on the internet and say comment on a pic, or something. Something simple as that. Or you could take the chance and comment on someone else's picture. It's all down to talking with people, whether it be at the con or after it. =) Hope that helps.