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08-02-2010, 03:52 PM
'Ello I'm Razzy

I'm an amateur photographer and a not so great cosplayer at the age of fifteeen and I wanted to get some feed back from my recent shots with my new SLR Rebel XS. I don't have any of the desired lenses I would like yet but I'm working at the moment to get those.

It would be much appreciated if I could get some feedback on some of my photos. I'm sorry if they aren't of great qaulity, I was exauhsted when taking some of these con photos and I am not used to the handling of this new camera... That and I do not have a flash, or a tripod of any sort. I have yet to get any additional things for my camera.

All I'm looking for is some feedback so I may improve.
so be harsh~!

Ah and if you'd like my DA Aka-x contains much more of my work.






08-02-2010, 08:15 PM
They seem a little blurry and unfocused. And the lighting in the first three wasn't the best. The Harry one was good though. I liked the natural lighting. :]

08-02-2010, 08:40 PM
on the 3rd pic, is the hand color photoshopped or something? loooks a bit odd to me ^^ and as AmbiWuffsYou said, they are a little blurry but other than those things i really like the angles you piced! 1st and 2nd pics i like the most :D

08-02-2010, 09:03 PM
Do you have anyu suggestions as to how I could focus on the picture better?
And yes I was not very happy with the lighting I took with the photos, I like doing those kind of things outside.

shes wearing gloves and I made everything but her black and white. It is photoshopped.
Ah yes do you have any suggestions for that then? and thank you, I love to try different angles, I was just so tired after the convention that day haha

08-02-2010, 09:14 PM
Uh. Well I've never really gotten to play around with the type of camera you have. Do you focus with the lense or a button on the camera itself?

08-03-2010, 04:29 AM
1) Not bad highlighta are a little bit overblown which is causing the hair to blend into the background and it looses detail. It is slightly also out of focus.
2) Neat angle, but looks like you shot into the sun, that is giving it that washed out look. If you switch to the opposite site, you would have gotten a better result.
3) This is a tricky shot, since you've got half your subject in shadow and half in daylight its hard to balance that light. If you stopped down to a smaller aperture like F11 or F16 and then used a flash that might have helped.
4) Good shot, maybe if the subject's head was a little bit more towards the center of the frame it might be better.
5) Slighly blurry, but I'm guessing your were doing it outside during the night. I would either crop out the hands, or recompose the shot so that the the whole arm was in frame. Did you use flash? If you want to do this at night try using second curtain flash and it might help things look less blurry.

To get your pictures more in focus change the AF system on your camera so that it is only using a single AF point to determine focus, probably the middle one is the best. My guess is yours is set to use all points, when it does that the system is trying to focus on the closest object in the frame and then chooses it correct focus points to use based on that. This is why sometimes you see different red dots light up in the view finder, it is indicating which points its using and those are the points that will be in focus.. When you set it to only use the middle point, you can half press your shutter so that it acquires focus on whatever you want.

You usually want to focus on a subject's eye. So put your middle focus point over their eye, half press the shutter, then when you see the square turn red and beep, recompose your photo while still half holding the shutter and they fully press it down when your ready to take the photo.

If your working with more than one person at different depths in the frame like your first shot then your also going to want to stop down your aperture to F8 or higher. This will give you a deeper Depth of Field allowing you to have both people in sharp focus.

08-03-2010, 05:31 PM
shes wearing gloves and I made everything but her black and white. It is photoshopped.
Ah yes do you have any suggestions for that then? and thank you, I love to try different angles, I was just so tired after the convention that day haha[/CENTER][/SIZE]

i dont have too good of a photoshop, i have photoshop elements 6. and when i do back ground color changes i get this same problem. only thing i know how to do to fix it a little is the blur tool, or i go in with a small brush and color around the hand or whatever very carefully and in a large zoom. thats about all i can suggest about changing it ^^; hope it helps though