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Mmkay. So, I had plastic pokeballs that opened up when you pushed the little white button one the front. I would use them. Problem? They're with my dad. Other problem? Not quite sure where he is or what he's done with them. So... I need to know how to make some so that they can be painted and decorated. OR if anyone know's where to buy some like the ones I had that I can paint and decorate, that'd be great too. I searched it earlier and found a thread on here that would help. It hjad something about covering them with pantyhose and baking them in the oven...? Anyways, I was being stupid and didn't save it. Thanks for any and all help!!! :bigtu:

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This pic is very low resolution. Any chance of a higher resolution image, i.e. one that can be read?

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What i did for my Team Rocket cosplay, is i went to Toys R Us and bought a bunch of the Pokeball Throw Balls. I then painted those upside down, using the string that was on the top (now on the bottom) to tie them to my belt. Or i'd attach a clip to said string.

If you want pictures, i can show you. It was really quite simple.

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Here's the higher resolution picture that o01101011 posted.


I highly recommend using this tutorial; the pokeballs I made look awesome. |3

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Wow I didn't realize photobucket had resized that much @__@


Glad someone was able to upload a higher resolution. This is basically just a summary of the steps that I typed up prior to that being posted.


The instructions basically break down into;

-Red and white spraypaint (Though I think acrylic will work too, just higher chance of brush strokes in paint)
-Black craft foam
-White craft foam (or white paint)
-heavy duty aheasive (like E6000)
-Plastic bags or newspaper (something to stuff with)
And of course the base for the ball. The all important.
-Acrylic ornaments/balls in the size, and number, of pokeballs you want.

The acrylic balls you want are those 2 part customizing ornaments you can find at craft stores like Michaels, HobbyLobby, etc.


1. Wipe out the INSIDE of your plastic balls. There shouldn't be any fingerprints or smudge since you will be painting on the inside, not the outside.

2. Split the balls in half. Set half of the halves to one side, half to the other side. One group will be the white half, the other the red.

3. In a well ventilated area (where you can paint, maybe lay down some newspaper) place the halves so the inside is facing up. (like bowls) Carefully spray the inside. Don't spray to much, you will have to do a few layers (2-4) to get a nice solid color without drips or pooling

4. Patience. Let them FULLY DRY. This is very important. Especially between each coat of paint. When your balls are completely dry you can move on. (I swear i copied that directly from the tutorial)

5. (OPTIONAL) This bit is optional, but it really helps with the proper weighting, bounce, and transparency (aka NONE). Stuff each half with plastic bags, newspaper, or even fabric. This makes the ball feel a little more substantial and totally opaque.

6. Put a THIN coat of glue on the lip of one half, and carefully line the halves back up. Let dry. (dont worry if a little glue seeps out, it will be covered)

7. Cut your craft foam! This will be in the design of the black band, and white button on the front. The tutorial maker used 2 white circles and a black strip for the classical pokeball design and then used a sharpie to give the white a black boarder. Glue these carefully around the seam and TADA~

One finished Pokeball.

08-09-2010, 07:14 PM
Thank you for the simpler steps, the original was a little wordy. However, extremely effective! I'm waiting for the paint to dry on my first one :D

Also, I'm just such a total noob at making props, if I could get some tips on cutting perfect circles that'd be awesome. Also the dimensions of the foam for the black line and how you got all that to stick without making it look derpy

08-09-2010, 08:10 PM
For circles, trace something round that's the right size (Thread, bottle cap, pill bottle, etc) and then cut out with scissors. Craft foam is nice like that, its able to be cut with scissors. Its also cheap enough that you can play around with it to get a look you like.

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Oh snap, sorry o01101011! x: Didn't mean to for you to type that all up and then for me to come in and post a higher res. picture. OTL

08-10-2010, 12:19 AM
This is awesome! I'm going to see if I can do this for my Jasmine cosplay and my friend's Whitney cosplay. Thank you so much! ^o^

08-19-2010, 10:00 AM
OMG! Thank you guys SO much. My friend and I were about to buy a case of, like 36 pokeballs. We really wanted some good ones that wouldn't fall apart. So thanks!