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Yume Nezumi
08-05-2010, 04:45 AM
Soo, I live in Panama City (Beach) Florida. I'll be moving soon, but before I do I wanna hold a cosplay photoshoot with some of my friends. I'm thinking of going several places around town, whatever fits the characters that will be present. But, problem is, some of my friends are squeamish about going into public in cosplay (So, no McKenzie Park. T.T). So I need some ideas for kind of secluded places we could get some good shots at.

Anyway, reason for this post is two things: I will list some of the places I've thought of for cosplay photos, if any other panhandlers (not hobos XD) wanna know, or if anyone decides to visit and wants to take photos while they're here, and I'm also asking for other people in the area to add some places they know of. And I'll just compile the list here so that anyone can find areas around here easily, rather than searching through all the other posts for specific places.

So, onward with the lists!
We'll start with what I know.

Panama City Beach
McKenzie Park - Nice open area, has a water fountain, a small outdoor amphitheater (with outlets), lots of grass, some benches, old mossy trees, and a couple of creepy old historical houses bordering it on one side. At the front are some brick shops. But, as I said, very OPEN area, very PUBLIC and very popular. You will be seen. Just be super nice if the cops ask any questions and there shouldn't be problems.
The beach - I had to put this here for obvious reasons, but honestly, if you have the time, I would suggest going about an hour away over to the Destin beaches. The spring break/bike week/snowbird/summer vacation Tourists have all but ruined ours, but in Destin the sand is still white and pretty, and the water is gorgeous.
Carillon Beach - This is technically in between PCB and Destin. It's basically a little walk-around area with shops and some ... townhouses? Cottages? It's been a while since I've been there. There's a really pretty archway over the public access to the beach though, it's definitely worth a picture on its own.
The Alexan Back Beach - This is actually an apartment complex I lived in for a year. I hated it. But the back exit gate, which can also be driven up to from the outside, from back beach, has a nice, secluded strip of concrete, with forest behind it, palm trees lining it and what is probably a retention pond (but it smells better) on the opposite side of the buildings. The gate itself is also a nice big wrought-iron gate that's good for pictures, just be careful of oncoming traffic.
The old Publix - This is more for locals' benefit, as I can't imagine a tourist trying to find a store that isn't there anymore, but it's the Publix that used to be by the Sonic and Movie Gallery - on R. Jackson Blvd, that used to be Beckrich Rd, across from The Club, which used to be the Paddock Club. (Confusing I know. Try living there.) Anyway, behind the Publix is a really good area for really urban shots, but without the fear of being shanked. (Three friends and I went over there in the dead of night and only saw a couple people - and no one to be afraid of.)

Panama City (Yes there's a difference)
Train tracks - If you go past the mall like you're going out of town, there are some really good, kind of secluded areas of train track, and a train that almost never moves that's covered in graffiti that might be cool. I've been wanting to take Gundam Wing pictures there. The only thing to watch out for is that you're right next to a busy state highway, so stay away from the road! And watch out for moving trains (duh) because the tracks are in use.
St. Andrews/The Cove - This is kind of a large area, but there are several different good spots through here to take good photos. Just be careful - about half of the Cove is rich suburbian people, the other half is nearly ghetto. So just keep an eye on your surroundings, and watch where you park.
Forest Park United Methodist Church - For you locals, that's the really pretty one with all the stained glass, that's currently under construction, right next to the Regal movie theater. I would never suggest going inside to take cosplay photos, that would be pretty rude I think, but you could probably stand in the movie theater parking lot or the neighbouring playground and get some good shots with it in the background. I wanna do that with my Alucard cosplay soon. (Just please, if someone asks you to leave, don't start arguing. T.T Please don't ruin it for the rest of us.)

This might be a good time for me to bring up one issue: The cops around here come in two kinds: the kind that will see what you're doing and find it fascinating, and the kind that will insist you're there to do bad things and give you all kinds of trouble. I once had to watch a policeman wave around my big wooden scythe to show off to his buddies while he dinged up my car with it. Not fun. Point is, please, please don't give the cops a hard time. If they ask you to move on, just do it, you can always try somewhere else. And this is such a small town, if they see one group of people cosplaying and taking photos, they're gonna see another group and think they're also causing trouble (even if the first group wasn't) so as I said before, please don't ruin it for everyone else. ^_^

If anyone else has some good places from the PC/B and surrounding areas, feel free to tell us about them! I need some new ideas for my photoshoot before I move across state in October. XD