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08-06-2010, 02:38 PM
I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put it, but it's a question for all Commissioners.

I started a MarketPlace shop as a commissioner for cosplays. And I recieved a message from ninetejl who wants a Rogue outfit from X-Men. We did the whole bit. I gave them the quote. They accepted. Then I even gave them my actual email address so they can contact me there.
(I'm saying they and them because I have seen some male Rogues out there. And I don't care about people who crossplay.)
Anywho. They never emailed me but stayed in contact via cosplay.com. When we made arrangments for payment, half up-front, the rest when finished, and I told them I needed their measurements. Plus I needed their email address to send them the paypal reciept. In my ad I stated I only accept PayPal. I worked with Money Orders for two years and I know they can get lost in the mail, or easily forged. I also dealt with different websites and PayPal is what I prefer. It's safe and easy.
ninetejl responded with saying they don't like paypal but for me to sign up for PopMoney, even told me how to do it so I don't get any of their contact information but from cosplay.com. They also said they would send me a check or money order if I don't want to PopMoney.
PopMoney is email and mobile money from your bank type thing. My computer says it's unsafe, or not tested yet, so not to use it.
After I replied and told ninetejl that I only do PayPal, and if that is a deal breaker to let me know.
They haven't responded to me and it's been several days.
Looking at their profile they have no pictures, no information, no forum posts, nothing. But that they have been on recently.

So, needless to say, I lost this commission.
But my question is, for all the commissioners out there, have you heard or do you use PopMoney? I have never heard about it until now.
I am sticking with PayPal, but I would like to hear some response to the PopMoney or even the deal with the customer for the commission.
I just think it was fishy, for someone to come straight to cosplay.com, no information, nothing and to request a commission.

Would putting a clause in ad saying that the if you want a cosplay you have to have some activity on cosplay.com sound mean?

08-06-2010, 04:13 PM
I've never heard of it. Personally, I'd stick with Paypal. Good for you for sticking to your guns about it. Yes, you lost the commission, but it's better to be safe than sorry down the road. I never accept the first payment until I have their full contact information as well as measurements. It saves me the hassle of waiting and wondering.

I don't think putting a clause in about c.com activity isn't mean at all. I believe in order to sell you have to have activity anyhow (or at least I thought you did), so why not request activity from them. But.... then you do have those people who aren't really forum posters and stuff and they sign up for the site JUST to contact commissioners/buy from the ads/lurk. Honestly, you're the person doing the work, if you want to feel safe with a more active user, I say, by all means do it! You need to protect yourself and if this helps you, then you should.

The Hag
08-06-2010, 04:45 PM
Well, you are really asking several different questions.

1. Is PopMoney legit? Yes. It is a P2P payment service offered by some banks. You can only send payments via PopMoney if your bank offers the service. You can receive money even if your bank doesn't offer the service, but then you have to sign up for a PopMoney account and provide them with your bank account information. If you want more information about P2P payments or PopMoney, I'd recommend that you speak to someone at your bank.

2. Do I use it? I've never had a customer ask, but if they did I'd sign up (my bank doesn't offer it). IMO it seems somewhat less convenient than PayPal but more secure. PayPal, not being a bank, is basically an unregulated financial service - that is, even more unregulated than most financial services! I've personally never had any problems with PayPal but I have heard horror stories from other people about frozen accounts and the like. In PayPal's favor - they do arbitrate disputes, though I've never had to use that feature.

3. How restrictive should you make your commissioning policies? You have the right to make your policy whatever you want - that is not being mean. Everyone has their own comfort level - only you can decide where yours is. It's true that the fewer payment options you offer and the more of "track record" you require of your customers the more potential customers you will exclude. On the other hand - some things (and some customers!) are not worth the hassle. Personally, I don't think it seems fishy that someone would sign up on cosplay.com just to commission a costume. But if you are at all suspicious, you can always ask for alternate contact info - email, facebook, cell phone. And of course you need to get their real name and shipping address right away anyway so you can calculate shipping costs and times. FWIW - I never do business just through cos.com. As soon as someone contacts me here I ask them to send their information to my business email.

Just because you haven't heard from them for a few days, I wouldn't assume that you have lost the commission. People get busy with other things. If a week goes by and you still haven't heard, there is nothing wrong with sending another email asking if they are still interested. Good luck!