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08-06-2010, 02:58 PM
Okay so, like, I'm new here and all that. so I'm hoping I'm aloud to post here, ahaha? fingers crossed i'm posting in the right section! LOL

I have poked around the site and could find things on the courtesans from Assassins creed II, but not from Brotherhood.
so I decided to make my own post about it.

I have reference photos and all that, but I'm not sure where to begin.

I have never EVER done a cosplay, and I'd like to get this one done by nov. 16th (at midnight. :P I'm gonna try and convince my mom to drive me to the midnight release - if they have one - at the bestbuy near by. shes done it before and I REALLY want this game, so I think she'd understand and give in eventually lol. if I play my 'Please? as a christmas gift?' card.) or anime north next year at the latest (going to be going with some friends.. which i am super pumped for it first time going woohooo)

Anyway, I'd really like to dress up as the courtesan from the ACB trailers(with a few modifications to the character.) and stuff like that. she looks like a totally awesome character and I've fallen in love. (then again I am a girl so that could explain some of it lol) I am a bit nervous however (I'm a bit no the chubby side, not obese but still you can tell i need to lose some weight) and i've never done anything like this before. my mom and dad are supportive, and we always do crazy stuff so they don't really care. (For heavens sake my sister walks around in a star trek sweater half of the time!)

I've got a really cool friend in town who does cosplays and fursuits so i know she'd be willing to help me out (shes offered several times) but I don't know what fabrics to use and all that ?? or how to do any of it ? i've seen some really cool hidden hand blades and i think i'd like to add a hidden hand blade to the costume if i can't get a fan going. The fan i'm actually really looking forward to making because it shouldn't be that hard.

anyway, if anyone has any tips at all i'd be EXTREMELY thankful

09-09-2010, 04:55 PM
im working on this costume as well so i think i can give you a few tips lol. well okay its not that hard, but if its your first time sewing its probably best to get help from your friend or sewing would be a disaster. also i suggest with patterns, its a waste of fabric and time if you cant do it properly. and for that top like the white looking tank top just buy one at the store so its easier and put the designs. for the little details you know those slits or whatever they are, i forgot what it was called. well i decided to put ribbons like thin ones, to make it look like so. for the looking legging thing on her i suggest you go with some stretchy fabric depends what you want to use, and i believe the color for the attire is dark scarlet, but i ended up with berry since the store had none and the thing on her shorts is like a caribbean green but some sort of bluish green is fine idk of what the color mine was. and the shirt kinda looks like a white bluish color to me, well overall i ended up buying ribbons, laces and buttons for her gloves. oh and for her gloves, just buy a one for the armlet i went with felt since it was on sale and it looks awesome. also you will need some eyelets for her back. there are some sketches on deviant art for her costume maybe you should check it out, ill try and post my sketches, as i see it from the vids. with the whole fabric its up to you, this costume isnt so hard, most likely its about my third day working on it just started a few days ago and im almost done just need the design also dont forget on like the long skirt thing on the end i decided to use ribbon like gold ones, because its much easier than most things. soo so far thats all i have to say, good luck! :)

09-15-2010, 08:19 AM
I actually just registered to this site to reply to this thread :3
I wanna cosplay her too! Me & my friend are gonna get our costumes tailored, he's being Ezio. Although he wants to pay for both of us I feel like a leech so I want to make at least the easy parts of her costume.
Sadly, I've never made a cosplay costume so I can't give you any tips sorry D: Probably the only parts I could do is the corset looking bit on the back of her robe, the white tank top and her gloves (?)
Maybe if you look on google you could find some patterns for the sewing, but I'm not too sure, I'm probably as clueless as you xD
Maybe you could get some of it tailored? Might be a little pricey though, so if you've got a lot of money to spend, but you probably should get an expert you know in real life for advice and your friend to help.

10-11-2010, 08:26 AM
I think I might have found a way to make a the fan, all you need is a fan kinda like this for the skeleton: http://cdn3.ioffer.com/img/item/277/348/41/o_Chinese_Peacock_Tail_%28GREEN%29_Hand_Fan_Embroi dery_~_Nice_color.bmp.jpg
Might have to rip off the material bit. Then you'd have to get the design for the fan, maybe if you're good at photoshop you could re-create the pink and black design, print those parts out and glue them onto each bit of the bones(?) of the fan or onto cardboard first then onto the fan? Or you could try painting it onto cardboard/paper then gluing it. Sorry if that's a bit hard to understand, I'm not even sure if that'll work but you could give it a try, I'm going to try. Sorry if it doesn't work out xD

01-06-2011, 07:29 PM
What I'm gonna do to make up her whole outfit, is buy separate patterns for each bit of clothing.
and hopefully alter it so It can eventually look like hers :3
only problem i think ill have is that I also wanna do parkour in it (urban sport)
which they do in the actual game too, sooo i have to find suitable materials :(
if i find some good patterns I'll totally post them onto here to share :)

01-20-2011, 11:39 PM
What I am planning on doing so far is to also make it up with separate patterns. For the top I'll modify a tank top, get a vest pattern or even a jacket patter and alter it, and then get some belts. For the bottom I'll get a pant pattern and just cut the legs off and add elastic for the leggings and shorts. Then add a piece of green fabric for over the shorts. The tail part will be a little hard since I don't think there is a pattern for that but I'll work around it. As for her sleeve things, I'm still brainstorming haha.

07-15-2011, 10:40 AM
I am also making this costume.
~I have the butt cape ( i cant think what else to call it) main part finished. It doesnt have the lace or ribbon or any of the other details yet tho.
~The leggings will be easy, i will wrap my leg in my material and pin it as tight as I want it then just sew it. I think I will add an invisible zipper to the back of the thigh to make getting into it easier.
~I am having difficulty with the fan materials. my husband thinks I should use PVC sheeting, but i am not sure it will be sturdy enough. Ive used balsa wood before, but it really breaks too easily and sculpey is great but it is breakable and heavy. I could use real metal but some anime conventions wont let you carry metal weapons. any ideas?
~also the top... i really don't know where to start for that at all. I want to make the whole think from scratch though, no bought pieces.... maybe make a blouse first and then attach the jacket/shell over the top? have 2 layers?

:heart: Justine

08-05-2014, 11:31 PM
What I'm gonna do to make up her whole outfit, is buy separate patterns for each bit of clothing.
and hopefully alter it so It can eventually look like hers :3
only problem i think ill have is that I also wanna do parkour in it (urban sport)
which they do in the actual game too, sooo i have to find suitable materials :(
if i find some good patterns I'll totally post them onto here to share :)

hi! i know this is like, 2014...but i was wondering if you figured out how to complete the costume? i have only done one cosplay before with friends as the sailor scouts which is completely different so i do not even know where to start...help?