View Full Version : My latest char. ALA Steam cosplay.

08-09-2010, 03:02 PM
I find it best to mock up a character instead of just throwing items together for an outfit.~ The pictures below are what I'll be wearing to ALA this year.

Daemon Locke Sinclair.

An outcast from his small town, Wolfleid was banned from many establishments due to his unorthodox tendencies. A former renown Scientist responsible for many cures to common ailments, He went south. As the cretin lost connections with several higher-ups he began to loose his reputation. As a result, He gained a new one. With his ties to the medical world gone, Daemon had no choice but to begin to self experiment, No one would trust the man enough to support his muddled theories of "New age" medicines. As a result of the unsafe amount of different concoctions he was injecting himself with, He began to change, His mind still sharp but with an added sense of paranoia. His alcohol and narcotics abuse speeding up the chemical reactions, He went mad in a sense. Isolating himself from those who betrayed him, He developed a dark, cynical view of anyone outside of his exclusive team. Wolfleids countered focus on the darker side of technology introduced him to several well known names in the field, His wit, charm and general egotism gaining him easy access into the cult like society of miscreants and upper class criminals. Mysterious and quietly intellectual, It's hard to say what could come next in his agenda. Only time.. Or time travel can tell.~