View Full Version : Otaku-con post 3!!!

10-16-2002, 01:39 PM
Well folks it's that time again....no no not time to cry about how the offical con season is over a Christman is only a few months away....it's time for an Otaku-Con udpate! So far things are looking pretty good for this "con", with many a ppl oozing to go. So let's the play F.A.Q. game shall we?

F.A.Q. #1: When is this thing again.

Otaku-con will be held Saturday, November 30th in Manhattan, 12pm inside Penn Station, near the Mcdonalds which is right near the LIR if I'm not mistaken. We will wait until 1pm for ppl to sign in, and unless we hear from someone otherwise, we will be leaving exactly at one.

F.A.Q. #2: Wait a sec, how do u plan on moving 40+ around manhattan at once?

I don't. Depending on the exact amount of people attending, the large mass of otaku will be broken down into smaller groups. That's why I', asking ppl to r.s.v.p. as soon as possible, so I know the number of ppl going. Each group will ber assigned a leader, who knows where we're going and has a cell phone most likely. Speaking of which, ppl who want to volunteer as leaders, say so now.

F.A.Q. #3: How long will this thing go on for?

I figure til about somewhere between 7-9 pm depends on how slow ppl are. Also if there's somehwere u want to go to and u know ur gonna have to leave earlier than 7, say something now, so i can put u in a leave early group.

F.A.Q. #4: THERE IS NO NUMBER FOUR! ( A joke only the NYO ppl will get)

F.A.Q. #5: How much will his thign cost me?

Good question. Since I dont know were your coming from (NY, one of the boroughs, Jesery or another state all together) the fee from where ever to NYC is unknown to me. But once u meet up with the group, u'll need four bucks for a metrocard, a lil card that let's u ride the subways/buses as many times til midnight....thing is though u can only use it once every 15 minutes, so dont think u can share one, i've tried that theory out before. But dont forget, there's plent yo to see and to be brought, so u might want to bring sum serious $$$ or a bank card. But if u can along bring like 20, i sure u can at least get a fan subbed tape and sum food ^/^.

F.A.Q. #6: what's the general age group gonna be there?

Well so far we're going from 15 to like your mid twenties. All the minors from the NYO! are farely resourceful twerps and know their way around the city already, probably better than most of the older out of towners anyway. But since I'm on the topic of minors let me state something now. If u have any problems or questions, state em now. The people attedning this shing ding want to have fun, not to baby sit. If u have to be somewhere at a certain time, dont except someone out of the blue to volunteer to take u there. Plan ahead, I'll try to help u out as much as possible, but I can only do so much, I am running this wacky thing, and already playing Guardian as it is (in the FFX sense....dont ask...and dont dare call me Tidus, violent thing will follow).

Well that's it for now. U can either email me at Griever*24@aol.com, im me at the very same name, hunt me down on Yahoo!Messenger at Starwind824, or just reply on your repspected message board. And check out the "Others" Section on cosplay.com, for the "offical" Otaku-con message board. Later!