View Full Version : Review: Clinique Superfit Makeup

08-16-2010, 12:11 PM
Name of Product: Clinique Superfit Makeup

Where Purchased: Clinique Booth/section in any department store or makeup store

Product Description: Clinique Superfit makeup is a liquid/cream concealer and foundation. It goes on smoothly, and doesn't feel greasy on your skin. The product is made to wick away excess sweat and oil from your face, while also acting as a concealer/foundation for your other makeup.

- No more sweaty face during the day, You won't sweat your makeup off or get that shiny nose thing.
- Doesn't feel greasy once it's on
- Acts as a great concealer, skin smoother, and foundation
- No yucky smells or caking.
-- I usually apply a powder foundation on top of this just to blend and lighten, optional but it helps.
- It's Clinique, so it's Hypoallergenic!

- You have to apply a lot of it to completely ensure that you wont sweat through, (for me, especially my hairline and below my mouth)
- It comes in a pretty tiny bottle, and not a cheap one either. It'll last longer than you think but not an extraordinary amount of time.
- As with most liquid concealers/foundations, it's easy to get a makeup line so be careful about the edges.

Overall Rating: 8 - Good product, but tough to use sparingly for something that's a little pricey, and when you sweat *excessively* in some places it doesn't do it's job right.