View Full Version : Vidia-A pixie hollow fairy friend ( can it be made so that im not too hot in FL??)

karinka Chick
08-17-2010, 11:05 AM
So I am going to a halloween festival in FL and I am going to go as Vidia from Pixie hollow. As you all know FL is VERY warm and I do nto want to roast in the costume. I was looking for any ideas on basic construction as well as fabric that may be a bit more "breathable" in terms of being warm and humid. the costume is pretty lightweight in general but anything that can make it feel like even less would be grand seeing as i will be wearing this for 2 days O_o.

ALSO I am not too wise on wigs but my hair is currently almost that color and i was looking to get a pony tail extention that i would dye...but can i use regular hair dye to do it??? and if now where can i get a wig and how do i put a pony tail it it???


12-22-2010, 09:41 AM
I'm sorry i saw this after the fact. But I have to advise you on one thing.

NEVER use regular hair dye on a pony tail extention. Unless it's made of human hair (which those tend to be really expensive) the chemicals in the dye will eat the fibers and destroy the ponytail. There are alternative ways to dye a wig/extentions. There's the sharpie method as well as an ink method. If you go on the wig forum section it's a sticky on there.

As for making Vidia cooler. It all depends on fabric...and you can alway modify the costume to make it more florida friendly. I like in our grand ol' state too so I know how bad it sucks having a long sleeved costume in this state. I'd say try to find a breatheable fabric. or you could make the pants capris instead of pants. Plus having your arms uncovered will keep you far cooler then you think.

I know it's after the fact but I hope this helps!